How To Check The Windows 10 Product Key Real or Not?

In Windows 10, it is no longer possible to check the product key you set once with the function of the OS itself.

It appears that the key value has been written to the registry before, but the product key is no longer stored in that way.

For this reason, you can use third-party tools to display the product key. In this article, I’ll show you how to use the freeware called “ProduKey” which is created by “NirSoft“.

Download the app from the NirSoft page

Download the app from the Produkey page ( on the NirSoft home page.

The page of this is here,

You can jump to the link for download in the link of “download links are on the bottom of this page“.

It comes with an installer and you can install it on Windows, but it’s usually a zip-like version.

Once you have downloaded the zip file that contains your app, you can deploy it in a reasonable way. This is a right click of the file in Windows Explorer to expand it.

After you expand the file, double-click Produkey.exe to run it.

You will see the Windows 10 Product ID and product key that are installed on your computer.

Now the product key does not mean much except during the installation?

If you have several of the same editions of Windows 10 on hand, you’ll see the product key in Produkey, but in Windows 10, the same OS edition,

The same product key appears on any computer.

During the OS installation, the product key that comes with the installation media should be activated using the products key, but no other scene will be used for authentication.

In Windows 10, a new concept of “digital licensing” has been introduced for activation, which means that parts such as the computer’s CPU, motherboard, and HDD are the key to authentication. I think that there are few scenes that use the product key confirmed by the above method.

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